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Residential Metal Roofing in Utah & Montana | The Roofing Center

There are many reasons to make the switch to metal roof panels on your home. One of the most common reasons is because of the proven durability and longevity of metal roof panels. A metal roofing option also increases the safety of your home. A metal roof will not ignite in the event of a wildfire or a lightning strike and will endure the violence of strong winds.

If you're looking for a metal roof for your home in Utah and Montana, we can help. With anything from a small decorative metal section in copper or other coloring, to a full metal system, we can help you get the look and protection you want.


While a finished project is always a joy for customers, paying for home improvements is always work. We understand that oftentimes repairs to your most valuable asset don't follow the timeline we would like.

Because of this we work with many financing partners. Our main option is with a loan sourcing company called Hearth. We quickly pre-qualify you for loans from many providers and help you get many flexible options.